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G Plus Engineering Services provides exclusive structural steel detailing services to building contractors and steel fabricators in every type of industry across Canada and internationally. We prepare shop and erection drawings for structural steel, miscellaneous and plate work utilizing state of the art software such as Tekla Structures and AutoCAD. Our drawings are produced in either metric or imperial dimensions and in compliance with AISC, CISC and BS standards. Our team is dedicated to accuracy and efficiency while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team is highly experienced, innovative, and enthusiastic in meeting the demanding needs of the engineering and construction industries. With a wide variety of backgrounds from within the industry, our team brings valuable experience to all our steel detailing projects.
Our Structural steel detailing services include:
  • 3D Modeling in Tekla.
  • 2D detailing in AutoCAD.
  • Advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) / Material Take Off (MTO)
  • General Arrangement (GA) drawings
  • 2D Shop / Fabrication drawings
  • 2D Anchor Bolt drawings
  • 2D Connection sketches / details
  • 2D Erection drawings
  • Miscellaneous Steel detailing
  • DXF files for plate work
  • CNC files
  • DSTV files for cutting & drilling
  • Bolt lists
  • Other reports as per client requirements
With G Plus Engineering Services all your detailing needs will be met with superior quality,
according to the agreed schedule.
We are more than happy to discuss your specific project details and we look forward to working
with you to meet your project needs.

G Plus Engineering Services provides structural steel connection design to the steel fabrication industry and engineering design firms. Our connection design experience includes using several codes and standards such as: CAN/CSA-S16, CSA- W59, AISC, AWS D1.1, and BS5950. Our staff has practical experience in many phases of steel construction; fabrication, detailing, estimating, project management, and design. Through our efficiency and economic skills learned from hands-on experience, we provide design solutions which can provide project savings in detailing, fabrication, and

erection. We thrive to find construction efficient solutions that save our customers’ time and money. We know that each fabricator has its own preferences when it comes to steel fabrication such as connection types, welded vs bolted, plate thicknesses, and bolt types and sizes. And we work with the fabricators to adapt our designs to specific shop practices and preferences. We are more than happy to discuss your specific project and utilize our knowledge and experience to find optimum solutions meet your project needs.
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A steel structure is basically an assemblage of structural elements such as beams, columns, floor, side wall covering members, roof members and so on. It is comprised of steel members of different sizes and shapes, which are all joined to each other by bolting or welding.

The structure designer in their design drawing indicates the sizes of the members, the orientation, the member location in 3-Dimensional space and how they are to be joined to each other. They also outline the precise material specification from among the available options. The designer also provides further details such as the overall aisle dimensions of the structure, the floor levels, paint specifications and so on.

The design drawing allows the contractor to assess the entire volume of work, assess the quantity of materials that will be needed for the project, the amount of time they will take to complete the project, and the complexities or difficulties they are likely to face. The contractor can then use this information to quote a fair price.

Once the project kicks off, the contractor may realize that the designer’s drawings aren’t good enough for them to begin cutting the material to precise specifications and drilling the bolt holes in the appropriate places to connect each structural member. This is where the need for steel detailing arises.

Steel detailing is the process of creating blueprints for structural steel design and construction. It involves two steps;

  • The creation of detailed drawings.
  • The planning as well as estimating of the materials.

There are two types of drawings that are involved, with respect to the creation of detailed drawings;

  • The erection drawing
  • The shop drawing.

The former describes the dimensioned plans and explains the geographic location of each of the steel components within the whole structure in an exact and detailed manner. It includes specific information about the installation requirements, each component’s position, and all other important considerations such as wedge anchors, bolt installation and welding spots.

The latter shows every little detail of each piece of the steel structure, for instance joints, beams, braces, and columns. It also details the manner in which each of these components should be made by a steel fabricator.

Shop drawings entail material specifications, component sizes and dimensions, surface specifications, bolting, welding, painting details, and other details that pertain to each component’s fabrication. This drawing is only necessary for fabrication purposes. It doesn’t contain any details about the setting up or installation of these steel components.

The steel structure’s design, soundness, as well as strength are the exclusive responsibility of the structural engineer. These should be looked at while complying with the major building and dimension codes that were set by the architect. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the detailer to get the steel detailing drawings approved by the structural engineer and architect before releasing it for fabrication.

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A good team of professionals like G Plus Engineering can analyze intricate issues in structural steel detailing and quickly come up with great solutions which will have a significant and positive impact on your project. We are your most trusted and competent structural steel detailing Calgary professionals. We take pride in having a highly competent team of steel detailers who possess massive experience in this area. Our track record which is evidenced by our project portfolio in steel detailing projects demonstrates our expertise in executing most intricate steel construction projects. Let’s talk about your project today.


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